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Mini Gold Hoop Earrings in Silver

Mini Gold Hoop Earrings in Silver

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Made from 925 silver, our hoop series offer simple and affordable elegance.  

Width: 0.10 cm
Length: 1.50 cm
Weight: 1.23 g

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  • Eco Friendly Packaging

Care Guide

1 - Chemical caution
Make sure that your gold-plated jewelry is not in contact with products that contain chemicals

2 - Store them separately
Keep your gold-plated jewelry in a separate place to your other jewelry

3 - Remove during exercise
Be sure to remove your gold-plated jewelry while exercising

4 - Protect from sweat, salt water, and chlorine
Gold-plated jewelry is sensitive to sweat, salt water and chlorine

5 - Post-Wear ritual
Clean jewelry with a very soft cloth after each use

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