Product care for gold plated jewelry

1 - Chemical caution:

Make sure that your gold-plated jewelry is not in contact with products that contain chemicals, such as perfumes, cleaning agents, and personal care products such as lotions and creams.

2 - Store them separately

Keep your gold-plated jewelry in a separate place from your other jewelry. Being in the same place and in motion with other metals will cause scratches. As the gold plating on your jewelry wears off, the original color of the silver underneath will emerge.

3 - Remove during exercise

Be sure to remove your gold-plated jewelry while exercising. The products you use while holding on to the treadmill or lifting weights will create scratches on your gold-plated jewelry and cause your gold-plated jewelry to wear out over time.

4 - Protect from sweat, salt water, and chlorine

Gold-plated jewelry is sensitive to sweat, salt water and chlorine. Don't forget to take off your jewelry before swimming!

5 - Post-wear ritual

To ensure that the gold plating lasts for a long time, clean it with a very soft cloth after each use.