925 Silver vs White Gold: Can you tell the difference?

We love 925 Silver products here at Mosslu, but White Gold is also a very special product. With Yellow Gold less popular many buyers want that classy and timeless silver colour but might have trouble distinguishing between the two. So how do we tell them apart? 


At the time of writing white gold was $24 per gram, whilst 925 Silver was 60 cents, so you will know when you see a gold price as it will be much, much pricier!


If there is a big K or little k the item is made of white gold. The single or double digit number following (typically 9, 10, 14 or 18) denotes how much of the product is gold (with 18 being about 75%). If u see markings with triple digits such as 925 or 999, it is silver!


If you see tarnish on the surface of the item, it is made of silver. Silver tarnishes and can be polished to keep it looking sparkly. White gold does not tarnish, ever.

If that jewellery has diamonds, gemstones or rubies it will likely not be silver, 925 Silver products are usually worn pure, giving a simple and elegant look. 

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